Keep The Ball Quest

Test your skills with Keep The Ball the fun and addictive don’t touch game where you need to drag the ball on the screen while avoid touching any of the shapes. Engage in a real test of reaction, focus and precision where you need to precisely control the moving ball. Try to survive through the fixed duration and collect trophies.?

Color Crazy Ball

Color Crazy Ball Blast is a FREE, fun, and addictive switch color game. Instead of climbing up the color wheels, you have to shoot the ball to score. However, you should not touch obstacle with different colours or you will die instantly! It’s not as difficult as the usual color switcher reflex game because you can wait until the right moment to shoot the ball. You don’t have to keep taptaptap to keep the ball floating. Obstacles in this color blast game include colorful circles, spinning color wheels, neon color bars, and color switcher every time you score. Show us your true colors as a gamer and take this infinite challenge now!

Peggy Jump

Our friend, Peggy, lives in a small village at one of the universe's corner with a cute little snow man. She has been brutally struck by cold and loneliness for years and years. She bravely embraces the wintery cold, slippery hills, challenging spikes and her own fear of heights. How high can Peggy reach?

Element Clash

Collect cards and build a battle team formed by four mighty elemental minions featuring classic element types like fire, water, earth, nature, darkness and more. Switch and match Elements in the puzzle field, fill your minions with elemental power allowing them to perform a powerful attack.

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